Time and Attendance

Time and Attendance

Every enterprise has different requirements for their Time and Attendance system. Independently of your demands of modern time management, we implement the solution that matches your requirements. For this, we offer you a wide range of products, including different terminals, components and communication platforms, which leave nothing to be desired in terms of implementation of your time & attendance system. The range starts with simple detection of clock-in and clock-out and also includes integration of time management into ERP solutions of globally active companies


Time and Attendance - B-web Series

Time and Attendance B-Net 93 20

B-web 93 00 terminal
With the new development of the B-web 93 00 terminal series, we, as the technology leader, have redefined the time & attendance market. The high functional degree of innovation and the use of new materials have created contemporary aesthetics that integrates superbly with modern architecture. The B-web 93 00 is distinguished on the market by specific features with a promising future: easy and reliable operation, flexible adaptability to existing and new requirements, simple installation, operational reliability with high system availability.

This is what we call “Design Powered by Innovation”.

Time and Attendance - B-Net Series

Time and Attendance B-Net 93 20

B-Net 93 20
With its appealing design, combined with ease of use, the B-Net 93 20 Time and Attendance Terminalis the ideal terminal for your start into Time and Attendance.

All standard features such as clock-in, clock-out, official absence, balance query, and special functions are covered by five function keys with colored icons. The B-Net 93 20 features a great variety of additional application possibilities.

You collect data in outside areas, open doors, or browse through lists. These are useful options tailored to your special needs.

Time and Attendance - B-Net 93 40

B-Net 93 40
The B-Net 93 40 Time and Attendance TerminalSeries combines functionality with appealing design. Its large, graphic display provides the user ample space for time data and individual information.

The terminal is equipped with 5 function keys for standard Time and Attendance functionalities.

Language selection and the display of lists and information is possible via the four parameterizable soft keys.

Time and Attendance - B-Net 93 60

B-Net 93 60
The B-Net 93 60 Time and Attendance Terminaloffers more features than mere Time and Attendance. Its large, graphical display with the 8 x 8 matrix touch screen simplifies handling; labels for each function can be individually designed and placed appropriately.

Dynamic function keys are displayed on the screen as needed. These elements simplify the entry of numeric data, scrolling, and the selection from lists.

The B-Net 93 60 provides an additional benefit: up to four subterminals can be connected. This ensures that a combined system for access control and time recording can be easily configured at a reasonable price.

Time and Attendance - B-Net 93 60

B-Net 95 80 

With its B-Net 95 80 Multifunction Terminal, Kaba sets new standards in the areas of: 

  • Shop Floor Data Collection
  • Time and Attendance
  • Employee Self Service
  • Information
  • Workflow
  • Cafeteria Data Collection
  • Portal Application
  • Internet Surf Station 

Optimize your processes, provide your employees with more information, and create more transparency by implementing a multifunction terminal. This gives you a competitive edge and helps you to keep pace in today’s rapidly changing marketplace.

Time and Attendance - Mobile time and performance recording 

Time and Attendance - B-Net mobile HR

B-Net mobile HR  - Companies with sales representatives require a high level of flexibility, reliability and transparency for the efficient handling of mobile business processes.

With B-Net mobile HR, Kaba has developed a mobile time and performance collection solution, which covers these requirements exactly.

By carrying out the time recording via cellular phone, BlackBerry® device or PDA, every booking can be done exactly where and when it is due. This solution is compatible to all time recording systems that are supported by our time and attendance terminals. Therefore, it can be integrated easily in new or existing systems.