Personal Interlocks

Orthos: Security interlocks / personal interlocks

Orthos entrancecontrolsystems meet the highest security requirements and provide optimum protection for sensitive areas of a building. Required security measures for these electronically monitored interlock systems are carried out independently of each other. These may include authorising staff access using a card reader or code keyboard, to recording weight or verifying identity by means of a biometric system inside the cabin.


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The Orthos product family also includes modular PIL-M02 one-way corridors for use in airports at the critical crossover points between air and land areas.


Design variations for Orthos security interlocks

Orthos PIL-M01 security interlock

  • manual or automatic doors

    • swing door
    • folding door
    • fire resistant door
  • rectangular ground plan
  • modular system: wide range of options for main body and doors
  • choice of resistance category WK2, WK3 or WK4

Orthos PIL-M02 one-way corridor

  • special design for passages from the air to the land side at airports
  • modular system with automatic full or half-height doors
  • various levels of security possible
  • quick and easy passage, even with luggage
  • suitable for wheelchair users
  • choice of sensor systems to detect motion in wrong direction

Orthos PIL-M05 security interlock

  • integrated, innovative detection technology
  • reliable single-file access
  • no personal data recording required
  • no replication with the access control management required
  • modular unit with various types of door wings
Orthos PIL-M05---mit-Pfeil

Orthos PIL-C01 security interlock

  • minimum use of space thanks to circular sliding doors
  • modern circular ground plan
  • doors in metal or with metal frame and glass panels
  • choice of resistance category WK2 or WK3

Orthos PIL-S01 security interlock

  • all glass unit
  • automatic circular sliding doors
  • wind-stop function on facade
  • resistance category WK2