Others Equipment

Banknote reader - NV 24A

  • Additional device for fare payment by banknotes.
  • Specially designed for onboard operating.
  • Maximum speed of transaction and user friendly.
  • Robust construction and safety locks guarantee high protection against tampering.

GPS module for vehicle locating

  • The device is used for vehicle locating in public transport by GPS technology.
  • The module locates vehicle position.
  • When requested the device can give information about geographical location, direction with speed of movement and altitude.

Driver’s terminal - TR02

  • The terminal can control mobile TVMs, contactless card terminals and fareboxes.
  • It can substitute the comfortable driver’s terminal TR01 (a part of onboard computer Synergy).
  • Aplhanumerical backlit display with colour LEDs.
  • Resistant foil keyboard with push response for precise control.
  • Integrated readers of SMART CARD cards and SD cards.
  • 32-bit ARM7 processor.

Driver’s terminal - OA 24F

  • The terminal can control fare collection devices in a vehicle.
  • Alphanumerical backlit LCD display with changeable view angle.
  • Acoustic and visual signalling of state by colour LEDs.
  • Resistant foil keyboard with 32 keys and full function modification.

Time and zone displaying device - GTC 24B

  • Two LED displays for optional colour.
  • Usually displays time including seconds, date, zone and line.
  • In control mode displays specified information (hours, minutes, seconds, date, zone).
  • In autonomous mode uses inner time circuit, with battery back up.
  • In unified time mode receives unified time signal DCF – 77 and can regulate time within the whole system.

Remote controller – DO 01

  • Provides remote control of fare collection devices in a vehicle.
  • It is mainly used for remote blocking of on-board fare collection devices during transport inspection.

Control units – ONJ 24, PNJ 24

  • Enables parameter settings of the ticket validator.
  • More devices can be set at the same moment.

Contactless card reader - CKC

  • Provides two-way communication between a card and PC.
  • Records and reads data from contactless chip cards Mifare Standard and Mifare DESFire.
  • Supplied with handy software.
  • Inbuilt LEDs indicates the state of a reader.

Handheld contactless card reader

  • Handheld reader of contactless cards designed for transport inspection.
  • Checks data recorded on a card.
  • Extensive memory for records of performed checkings and high battery capacity provide long working time.
  • Supplied with useful software and complete specified equipment.

POS equipment

  • Upon specified requirements we can supply complete equipment of point of sales, customarily comprised of PC, card reader, chip card printer, printer of receipts, web camera or scanner.
  • Instalation, implementation and testing included.

Two way data transfer system

  • The data transfer from vehicles into a centre and back is performed wireless via WiFi or RF.
  • Fully automated both-way transfer generally carried out during presence in depots or at any given place.
  • Broad possibilities of transfer organization, e.g. timing, selection etc.
  • Transfer process is immune to climatic conditions and other disturbing elements.
  • Provides wide coverage, high transfer speed and high reliability.


  • Rotating turnstile facilitates access control and is able to work in autonomous or controlled mode.
  • Mobile or stationary version.
  • Optionally equipped with contactless card reader.
  • The upper arm can be collapsed in case of emergency.
  • Lights for indication of the turnstile status.
  • Robust and highly resistant structure.

Vehicle supply protector - VSP 01

  • Vehicle supply protector protects the onboard devicesfrom voltage spikes and eliminates risk of their damage.
  • The device absorbs short time overvoltage and it disconnects other onboard devices from power supply in case of strong voltage fluctuation. When the voltage is stabilized, all onboard devices will be reconnected.
  • The number of overvoltage and undervoltage cases is recorded for the control of the onboard power supply conditions.

Information boards

  • Mobile exterior and interior information boards.
  • Stationary information boards.
  • Acoustic information systems.

Information systems for visually impaired passengers

  • Acoustic and radio systems for orientation and information of visually impaired and blind passengers.
  • Vehicle announcers of line number, travel direction and notification of blind passenger presence for the driver.
  • Systems for city transport stations providing audio information about current timetables.

Other accessories and additional devices can be offered to meet the customers individual requirements.