Posted date : 11/01/2013 21:34:50

Thano Partner - KABA

The Kaba Group is one of the world's leading players in the security industry. An internationally active, listed company, it employs around 9,000 staff in more than 60 countries. Kaba provides innovative, comprehensive access control solutions for buildings, facilities and sites as well as solutions for staff and enterprise data collection which meet client's needs for security, organization and convenience. The company is a key expert and technology leader for a range of security solutions. Kaba can look back on more than 145 years of tradition. Kaba offers individual solutions for any access point. The company is a specialist in automatic, security and convenience doors and offers the most comprehensive range of products worldwide. Customers value Kaba's well-thought-out and versatile product portfolio, which covers all current market needs for sites such as office buildings, industrial premises, banks and airports.
Thano Partner - ELKA

ELKA was founded in 1979, with more than 100 employees at the premises in Germany. All products are tested under permanent strain at the 600sqm testing area. Today ELKA products are in use on all continents. The ELKA-standards are progressive technology, highest safety standards -EN 12445 and 12453, TÜV certificates, consistent quality management, expert advice, short delivery times. Continuous new engineering and constant adaptation of the product range helps their clients persist successfully in the market. Competent and skilled personnel in the office and in the field keep in touch with the resellers. This allows them to recognize customer’s wishes early and integrate them into the product development. Their targets are the satisfaction of their clients and the opening up of new markets. ELKA is manufacturing all kind of gate opener, such as garage doors, swing gates, slide. They also produce world’s fastest toll station barrier gates; standard parking gates barrier gates as well as electromagnetic bolts.
Thano Partner - Mikroelektronika

Mikroelektronika is a leading company in the branch of fare collection systems. The product portfolio consist of fare collection management software, onboard computers, driver consoles, contactless card (smart card) validators, ticket validators, ticket vending machines, ticket processors, multifunction terminals, fare boxes and other fare collection devices. Also offering wide range of fare collection accessories – GPS vehicle locating units, GPRS units, WiFi units, turnstiles & pedestrian barriers, access control systems, cashless systems, contactless smartcard readers and others. The R&D department together with high technology production allows them to offer its own solutions and thus guarantee excellent quality. The subsequent implementation of an entire project is managed by the project department. Each project has its own project manager, who knows best the overall specifications of a particular project to ensure a flawless realization. Further trouble free running or eventual development is provided by an internal service centre or an external service partner, trained by Mikroelektronika
Thano Partner - LEGIC

LEGIC Identsystems is the inventor of and trendsetter in contactless smart card technology at 13.56 MHz. Established in 1990 based on a vision of an entire authorization management system using a single identification credential. In 1992, LEGIC was first in the world to introduce a contactless and secure smart card technology platform for access control and other identification applications operating at a frequency of 13.56 MHz. This trendsetting achievement was the foundation of the rapid advancement of contactless smart card systems which enjoy global acceptance today.