About Thano Technologies

About Thano Technologies

THANO TECHNOLOGIES is the distributor of best European Physical Access Systems products and also provides total solutions of Access Management Solution and electronic Ticketing Systems.

Established in year 2000 as local business representative for the automatic door systems of Kaba Gallenschütz in Indonesia. During the following years then, was extended its business partnership with other Kaba Group of companies and other companies to compliment the solutions. Supported by world class security corporations, today delivers comprehensive Access Management Solution for office buildings, public facilities and other sites as well as Employee Self Service, which meet the needs for security, organization and convenience.

The Solution covers the problematic of Access Control for pedestrians & vehicles, Time Recording, Visitor & Vehicle Access Management (include Automatic Vehicle Identification), Perimeter Protection and Surveillance (include CCTV & Video Analytic), Building Automation and Fire Alarm. The electronic Ticketing Systems are integrated ticketing for leisure & theme parks, web-based ticketing solutions for shows, music concerts, exhibitions, trade-fairs, sports, etc. and especially public transport Automated Fare Collection.

THANO TECHNOLOGIES delivers most reliable technology based on RFID, RCID (Resistive Capacitive ID) and classic Biometrics (Face Recognition, Iris-scan and Fingerprint), and other identification technologies for Verification and Tracking purposes. Also provides end-to-end turn-key solutions: Consultation • Design • Supply • Implementation • Training and Local Support.

THANO TECHNOLOGIES is the key expert and technology leader for a range of reliable security solutions in the region.

Thano Technologies

Our Values

  • More than in total 20 years experiences in delivering security solutions
  • Managed by industry specific knowledgeable Business Consultants
  • Supported by Qualified Certified Engineers
  • Provides world’s latest innovative Technology, Technique and Solutions
  • Delivers world’s most Reliable Products & Concepts
  • Provides continuously full local supports
  • Offers ‘Single Point of Contact’ concept, to provide Peace of Mind in operation
  • Authorized and fully supported by the worldwide well managed corporations